Review Course Section Quiz 01

Welcome to the EEP PE Exam Review Course EEP Section Quiz 01

SQ1.1 What is the turn ratio for a current transformer with 250-amp primary side current and 5-amp secondary side current? Assume the primary side has 1 turn.
SQ1.2 Which of the following is not a type of wattmeter?
SQ1.3 Which color test probe is connected to the positive terminal when using a VOM Meter?
SQ1.4 A decrease in resistance reading on an insulation test meter would be an indication of __________.
SQ1.5 Ground resistivity testing is performed using ground electrodes separated by 6 ft. The Megger earth tester reading is 13265 ohms. Using the Four-Terminal Method for ground resistance testing to calculate the ground resistivity, determine what type of soil is being tested.

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